RON SALEH,  Senior Creative Consultant

Ronald “Ron” Saleh’s distinguished and eclectic

career has taken him from the hallowed halls of

The White House to a colossal brick building in

Red Hook, New York City, home to Dustin Yellen’s

renowned Pioneer Works.  With a passion for

public service, design and the arts, Mr. Saleh has

a reputation for discreetly helping leaders around

the globe excel in their fields.  As Ron often says,

“If I can do it for the President, I can do it for you.”


His clients in public service have included First

Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden,

President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Clinton,

Mayor Cory Booker, and U.S. Senator John

Edwards and Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards.  Ron’s

international clients have included the

governments of Canada, Bahrain and Chile,

and former United Nations Ambassador Andrew

Young. He is also a leader in the global fight to

eradicate HIV/AIDS, working in partnership with

PEPFAR’s U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator,

Ambassador Deborah Birx, MD, and Chief

Strategy Officer and former White House AIDS Czar, Sandra Thurman.  He is the founder and chief executive officer of The Sterling Foundation which empowers children in Kenya and Thailand in pursuit of sports and the arts. In the worlds of fashion, design and film, Ron has worked with iconic designer Donna Karan and Hollywood producers Spike Lee and Bill Duke. He has shared his flair for design on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip and in Oprah Winfrey’s O at Home magazine.  The New York Times profiled Ron’s pioneer lifestyle in celebration of Newark, New Jersey’s community renewal.  


Ron’s design credits include California’s Santa Anita race track, Washington, DC’s Honeysuckle restaurant, Brussels Forum, co-founder as well the Halifax International Securities Forum.  Born in Washington, DC, Ronald Mohamed Adbul Mageed Saleh, he was raised in a family steeped in the culinary arts and philanthropy. His father was a chef to the diplomatic community as well as First Lady Nancy Reagan. His mother is a philanthropist with 30 years of service to her city and community.  Mr. Saleh lives to feed and nurture his friends and family. His hobbies include cooking, design, and collecting art. He resides in New York City, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, Georgia and spends summers in Sag Harbor, New York.

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